We are Joshua and Kendra; a couple of fun creatives who love to take pictures. We are versatile, easy going and enjoy new experiences. On location or in studio your story and ideas are important and we want to capture your moments as images to be shared and cherished.
Joshua doesn’t remember the first moment he held a camera. His mama took pictures as a hobby and he was very young when he fell in love with photography. A Northwest Arkansas native, he counts travel, adventure and nature among his many passions. Water speaks to his soul and is one of his favorite subjects to photograph. He has a magical way of viewing the world and an eye for detail that has turned his photographs into award winning works of art. He has worked as an event photographer for Stage One Productions and is currently a photographer at First Baptist Church of Bentonville.
Kendra was born in Michigan and raised in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. When she was little she used to lie in a field of waving grass snapping shots of the contrast between golden grass and azure sky. She loves finding beauty in the ordinary, nature, people, and the unexpected surprises life brings.
We love this journey we are blessed to be a part of and are grateful for each of you who invites us into your lives and stories. Let us capture the moments you want to share tomorrow.